Baseline 2009 Client Challenge

This summer we decided to put together a challenge for our training clients.  So far, we have twenty-five participants!  Everyone paid an entry fee of $10, and did a Bod Pod at the start of the challenge.  The challenge is twelve weeks long, and the winner will receive the sum of the entry fees.  The participants give us weekly feedback as to how they doing with meeting their goals, and everyone is encouraged to do a Bod Pod every two weeks to help track their progress (Bod Pods are free for our training clients).
Clients' goals are to improve upon their own body composition numbers.  They are encouraged to meet their water, cardio, and protein goals each week to help them achieve success.  Bonus points are also awarded if they attend all of their training workouts, and if they do anything above and beyond that will help them reach their goals.

We can't wait to see the changes that everyone has made come August! Good luck everyone, and remember that you can talk to Eve Ann or I (Kate) about setting personal fitness goals.

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