1152 Miles in Three Months!

The new Baseline Client Challenge is to walk the distance from Columbus, Ohio to Miami, Florida before the holidays are over. That's 1152 miles in twelve weeks! Here how it works:

We ordered the best-of-the-best pedometers* for our clients to track of their steps. EVERY step counts, not just cardio steps.

Every week that our clients attend all of their scheduled training sessions, those clients will get an 80 mile credit (or a "Baseline Bus ride" as we like to call it). If a client can only make two out of three sessions, they still get a 25 mile credit for every session they do attend.

Every Monday we will download the pedometers onto the front desk computer at Baseline, and move them however many miles south on our map. The first one to reach Miami before New Year's Day receives bragging rights and glory. We decided not to have an entry fee or big reward for the winner. Everyone's cardio routine is different and someone who is a runner will arrive in Miami far before any walker. The goal is to keep everyone moving as holiday cookies and cakes start to become frequent fixtures at social gatherings!

Over the next several weeks we will also be helping Westerville salon Perfect Image track their challenge participants. The Perfect Image challenge is based on body composition, and anyone participating will have their body fat checked at least twice using our Bod Pod. The salon is working hard to keep everyone motivated, and has outlawed any fast food inside the building! Look for the challenge results coming in the next several weeks.

Good luck with the challenges everyone! We will keep you posted with results.

*the pedometers we found are the Omron Go Smart HJ-720ITC model. They are very accurate and come with PC Software so you can download all of your data into the computer. This model will also work if kept in your pocket or purse. We have extra pedometers available at Baseline Fitness for $39 if you are interested in tracking your steps.

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