Team Baseline at the 2010 Arnold 5K Pump and Run

Baseline Fitness had 13 clients participate in the 2010 Arnold Pump and Run this year!  This is Eve Ann Buxton's sixth year at the Arnold.   A great big thanks go to clients Tom, our videographer, and Skip , who took the awesome pictures below! 
We have a couple clients who are on such a roll with their diet and cardio routines that they've decided to sign up for the Cincinnatti Flying Pig.  This event features a 5K and 10K on Saturday, May 1st.  A half-marthon and full marathon take place on Sunday, May 2nd.  Anyone who has signed up for one (or more!) of the races has the 'pump and run' option.  For more details, visit the Flying Pig Marathon Page.
If you think you may be interested in the Pump and Run this May but need some extra help on the bench press, contact us.  We can help!

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